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Let’s say you’ve developed a project in JS and want to share it with the world, whether it's a simple project which draws a circle (okay, this might not be the package you want to publish) or a complex one which you want to be used by thousands of developers like Jquery, you can publish them on NPM.

We’ll have 3 parts to this:

  • Publishing to NPM the normal way
  • Using GitHub Actions to automate publishing
  • And using GitHub Actions to test your projects

A picture of a disease simulation
A picture of a disease simulation
Disease simulation by q9i

As the COVID-19 outbreak rages on, a good look at the outbreak would help. And when I saw a video by 3b1b on simulating epidemics, I tried to recreate what he did. So lets get started.

Make sure you go watch the 3b1b video I mentioned earlier, so you know what were coding, and for an interactive simulation, go here or here.

Since we need to put our graphics somewhere, we create a canvas in HTML and initialize it in JS.

<canvas id="c">
Your browser does not support the canvas.
var cv = document.getElementById("canvas")…

Originally published at on January 3, 2021.

Image with the word “Programming” on it
Image with the word “Programming” on it

A couple of months ago I had the idea to create a programming language. Yeah, crazy right?! Okay, but in all seriousness, learning to create programming languages helps you better understand computers.

“If you don’t know how compilers work, then you don’t know how computers work. If you’re not 100% sure whether you know how compilers work, then you don’t know how they work.”
— Steve Yegge

So, I went along googling “how to create a programming language” and “creating a programming language.” You see, the problem here is that there are…

Twitch, Visual Studio Code, WhatsApp, and Microsoft Teams, just to name a few, are all apps that are created with Electron. But why use it? What is it? What makes it better than another framework? And finally, of course, how do you use it? Let’s dive in deep with Electron to answer these questions.

ElectronJS is a JavaScript framework created to help you create apps, without you having to do all the hard parts. It has built-in crash reporting, debugging and profiling, and notifications among other things. …

Today, we are going to code a simple differential privacy algorithm with python. So, lets get started!

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

Sorry, what are we coding again?

Differential privacy is really simple. Let’s say, I have a data set of info about people which I want to publish, but still keep their data private. That’s where differential privacy comes in. It takes your data, and alters it in a way that will keep overall facts about your data in the same area (with more complex algorithms you can alter how close you want it to be) while keeping individuals data private.

The Random Response Mechanism

Okay, let’s get to the details of how we…


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